Impact Sector Focus

BIVP is focused on four impact sectors, eight subsectors and directly aligned with the UN Sustainable Goals.  The following is our Impact Taxonomy:


Companies with a mission to initiate positive impact on the environment. They may achieve this by creating a solution for or an alternative to less eco-friendly businesses and/or societal practices. 


Renewable Energy: Companies investing in technology to utilize or accelerate the use of energy from sources that are not depleted when used.

Sustainable Product: Companies that utilize or design products that lessen or eliminate the negative environmental cost during their entire life cycle, from extraction to waste disposal.


Empowering individuals and families to promote their health and wellbeing by enabling access to information, tools and resources, thus creating a healthy population that is able to pursue economic livelihood activities and live a full life.


Health and Wellbeing:  Promoting healthy lives and wellbeing for all at all ages.

Food & Water:  Ending hunger, achieving food security, nutrition and sustainable agriculture and improving access to clean water and sustainable water management.


Because people do not go through life on a level playing field, this impact sector addresses the institutionalized, economic, and social injustices that plague our global society.


Human Equity:  Concerned with such necessities as gender, racial/ethnic, and religious equality across the public/private sector and civil society

Community Development:  Seeks sustainable progress in justice, diverse communities, and the economy. The goal of this work is a world in which all individuals have the freedom to express their true identities safely, live free of poverty and violence, and work together as equals to build ever-stronger communities for future generations.


Empowering individuals to enhance their earnings potential by enabling access to opportunities, thus creating a more inclusive and equitable society.


Education:  Promoting access to affordable quality education and continuous learning opportunities for all.

Workforce & Financial Inclusion:  Facilitating meaningful work opportunities and providing access to vital financial services for all.