Originally named the Berkeley Haas Social Venture Fund (BHSVF), Berkeley Impact Venture Partners (BIVP) was piloted in the Spring of 2018 as an Institute of Business and Social Impact initiative (IBSI) by IBSI SIL Fellow and Faculty member Jorge Calderon.  Through BHSVF, Haas MBA’s received independent study credit as “Venture Fellows” and gained experience by directly sourcing, vetting, investing and stewarding campus-based Berkeley-student founded impact startups.  An inaugural “Investment Council” (Jorge Calderon, Julia Sze & Sara Beckman) provided strategic and operational oversight for the BHSVF pilot.  BHSVF evaluated hundreds of projects and provided over twenty impact startups non-dilutive financial and/or resource support.

BHSVF’s initial funding was donated by the Sanaya Shah Memorial Fund “Sanaya Fund”, an alumni organized donor pool established by the members of the Haas EMBA Class of 2017 to honor the memory of Sanaya Shah, the daughter of their fellow classmate Sumit Shah and his wife, Astha Shah.  During our pilot phase, donor members from the Sanaya Fund engaged with BHSVF through an advisory committee (Kevin Blake, Sumit Shah, Tina Summers & Michael Ouchida) and through various impact startup support activities.

In the Spring of 2019, Jorge renamed BHSVF to BIVP to better reflect its accelerator and fund manager simulation structure and in preparation of integrating the program activities into traditional curriculum.  In Fall of 2019, BIVP began anew with two new semester courses (BIVP-Portfolio (Fall, Calderon), BIVP-Accelerate (Spring, Calderon), and the new AMP Impact Accelerator program.